More Limericks

What can I say? I’m hooked on limericks now. I’ve always loved reading them and trying my hand at them once in a while, but now it’s become a habit, thanks to discovering Mad Kane’s weekly Limerick-off. Madeleine gives us the first line, and off we go. Here are my latest two entries:

A gal in an overpriced store
Developed sticker shock, and what’s more
When it came time to pay
She cried out “No way!”
So they escorted her right out the door.

A woman who tried tried to persuade
Folks to buy her homemade lemonade
Could not understand
The lack of demand–
She forgotten sugar, I’m afraid!

Mad Kane’s Limerick-off

I like limericks, and I like challenges, so what could be better than Madeleine Kane’s weekly limerick-off challenges. She gives us the first line, and off we go. Here are the last three limericks I wrote (I forgot to post the first one; the second one received an honorable mention!)

A woman was trying to show
How well she could make her plants grow
So she planted some seeds
But only grew weeds
Now she weeps far more than she sows


A gal had a notable knack
For putting her back out of whack.
So she took up Tai Chi
And now she’s pain-free
And hears nary a crack from her back.


A gal with a very deep tan
Developed an ingenious plan
To get rid of tan lines
So now she declines
To wear aught but a pair of Ray-Bans.