Poet Showcase: Meena Rose

Name: Meena Rose
Portland, Oregon

Blog: Through the Eyes of Meena Rose

How do you know Cara? I met Cara through the Writer’s Mill; a local writing group that meets at the Cedar Mill Community Library

How long have you been writing poetry?  I started writing poetry in 2009 as result of the encouragement of two poets I knew from the Writer’s Retreat hosted by the Institute of Children’s Literature.

What kind of poetry do you write? While I have experimented with various poetic forms, I find myself enjoying the freedom that comes with free form poetry. They do say “write what you know”, so you will see certain themes with my writing such as reflective and spiritual writing relating to events in my life and my continued personal journey, creative writing relating to Ancients and a bygone time, and various responses to the many poetic prompts and challenges out there.

Please share a poem:

Hidden Treasures

By: Meena Rose

A glimmer at the edge
Of my vision,
A shimmer of the real

A scent of Jasmine tickles
My nose,
A hint of a far off

A lone harp plays within range of
My ears,
A tone of the heavenly

A welcome sweetness erupts within
My mouth,
A wholesome taste of

A gentle breath upon
My neck,
A subtle touch of

Where am I, I wonder
The glare of the sun
Blinding me.

Dumuzi, my consort,
It is me, Innana.
Your Goddess,
Your lover.

I am trapped
Within this mortal.
It is still me;
I need you, Love, to strengthen me.

Release me; free me;

I blink and look around
Startled that I am in
Rush hour traffic.

Covered in sweat,
Heart pounding
Chest heaving.

What just happened

To me?