leaning in closer

It was almost exactly five years ago that I received the devastating news that my mother was approaching the end of her time. Those last few weeks were very intense, but were also full of love and laughter, right up until the very end. I just learned that the following haiku of mine received an Honorable Mention in the 16th Mainichi Haiku Contest:

leaning in closer
to catch her words
wind in the reeds

The Tao of Laundry

I was delighted to receive my contributor’s copy of A Cup of Comfort for Mothers (http://bit.ly/9HC4nv), containing my story The Tao of Laundry. I’ve wanted to be published in A Cup of Comfort ever since I picked up a copy of A Cup of Comfort for Women a few years back and discovered that they accepted submissions from anyone. I had some stories to tell, and here it seemed was a great outlet. I loved the idea of true stories by a wide cross-section of writers, who weren’t necessarily “professional writers”, but merely people like myself with “a story to tell”.

The story is about life, laundry and my mom. I only wish I would have shared the story with my beloved mother. With the second anniversary of her death  having just passed, Mom has been very much on my mind lately. I think the story would have amused her.

The Power of Music

This is the time of year that I miss my mother the most. It has been almost two years since that heartbreaking day that she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with terminal cancer. My story about how I find solace in music was just selected as the winning entry for the first Chicken Soup for the Soul Giveaway Wednesday on Facebook. I hope the story brings comfort to others who are facing loss at the holidays. http://bit.ly/7300c5

A Cup of Comfort Acceptance

I was thrilled to learn yesterday that my story, The Tao of Laundry has been selected as one of the stories to appear in A Cup of Comfort for Mothers, scheduled for publication in March 2010: http://bit.ly/X4KnT

I only wish my mother could be here to share in the excitement. It was her enthusiasm, and constant belief in my writing ability that propelled me on to continue writing and submitting, and to consider rejection letters as merely bumps in the road. She was right. But then, Mom was always right. I miss you Mom!