2010 November PAD- Day 12

PAD, Day 12. I’ve noticed that my responses to the Poetic Asides prompts keep getting later and later each day. I think I better start earlier tomorrow! Today’s prompt was to write a “forget what they say” poem. This was too much fun– I could go on and on… and on…

Conventional (Un)Wisdom

They say curiosity
killed the cat, but I say
lack of curiosity
can be equally deadly.

They say a bird in hand
is worth two in the bush,
but I say a bird on the wing
is worth the most of all.

They say a stitch in time
saves nine, but I say
there’s more to be learned
from nine stitches, than one.

They say still waters
run deep, but I say
it’s equally true
of turbulent waters.

They say lightning
never strikes twice
but I say
why take the chance?