Prune Juice Issue #9

A new issue of Prune Juice: Journal of Senryu, Kyoka & Haiga has just been released. This will be the last issue edited by Liam Wilkinson, before he turns it over to Curtis Dunlap. I’m pleased to have three of my senryu in this issue, and to share the pages with so many haiku poets I know from Facebook or other journals, including: Johnny Baranski, Mark Brager, Susan Constable, Curtis Dunlap, Lorin Ford, Terri French, Christina Nguyen, Stella Pierides, Lucas Stensland, Alan Summers, and Kath Abela Wilson. Here are my three:

false spring
the dryer vent
full of lint

agreeing to disagree
I set my wipers
to intermittent

airport security
she hugs her teddy bear
a little closer

Summer Publications

Ah, summertime. I’m busy writing rengays, haiku, a few haibun, and keeping submissions in the pipeline. I’m pleased to have work appearing in upcoming issues of the following:


  • Frogpond  35:2, Spring/Summer 2012 (1 haiku, 1 rengay, and 1 renray),
  • contemporary haibun online, July 2012 (3 haibun)
  • Prune Juice #9 , July 2012 (3 senryu)
  • Daily Haiku (my third batch of haiku for Cycle 13), beginning on July 15
  • A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 (3 haiku)
  • The Heron’s Nest, Volume XIV, Number 3, September 2012 (1 haiku)
  • LYNX, October 2012 (a rengay sequence, with Kirsten Cliff)


The prompt for NaHaiWriMo today is dragonfly. The first haiku is new, the others are recent haiku I’ve also written about dragonflies.

this moment

low clouds
dragonflies hover
above the pond
(Sketchbook thread, Mar/Apr 2012)

dragonfly wings
hovering my cursor
over the Like button
(Prune Juice #7, Winter 2012)

first impressions
a dragonfly hovers
before landing
(Dragonfly Dreams, August 2011)

Prune Juice, Issue #8

The latest issue of Prune Juice is now live, containing senryu, kyoka, and haiga by me and a number of my Facebook friends, including Johnny Baranski, Mark E. Brager, Kirsten Cliff, Aubrie Cox, Margaret Dornaus, Curtis Dunlap, Terri French, Christine Nguyen, and Lucas Stensland.

I am pleased to have two senryu included in this issue:

winter constellations
my car keys
right where I left them

persistence of memory
my abs remember
yesterday’s Pilates

April Acceptances

It is always a red letter day to receive news that one of my poems has been accepted for publication. I currently have haiku, senryu, short form poetry, tanka, haibun, and rengay that was selected to appear in upcoming issues of the following publications:

  • Moonbathing
  • Four and Twenty
  • The Heron’s Nest
  • Mariposa
  • Haibun Today
  • A Hundred Gourds
  • Modern Haiku
  • The Haiku Foundation Haiku App Database 2012
  • Notes from the Gean
  • Multiverses
  • Prune Juice

Prune Juice

Prune Juice seemed such an unlikely name for a journal, that I hesitated to check it out, when I first discovered it last winter. When I finally did however, what I found, to my delight, is that the senryu and kyoka it contains are as quirky and humorous as its name. And I was hooked. There is a fine line, of course, between what constitutes a haiku, as opposed to a senryu, but I believe that a growing number of whatever-you-want-to-call-them that I write are best categorized in the latter category. Read Prune Juice in its entirely here.

early spring
iPod buds
in every ear

I fix my broken
URL links

morning commute
a line of geese
bumper to bumper

high noon
growing attached
to my shadow

dragonfly wings
hovering my cursor
over the Like button