Upcoming Publications

It’s been silent on my blog ever since the 31 prompters, 31 days challenge on NaHaiWriMo ended on August 31. That’s jointly due to the back-to-school busyness, and also to all the journals and contests that have their deadlines between August 15 and September 15. I can’t even think how many haiku, senryu, and rengay I must have submitted. But it all pays off in the end: I have works that will appear in the following publications this fall:

  • 2 haiku, plus a rengay with Kirsten Cliff, to appear in Aubrie Cox’s Every Road Takes Me to the Sea post
  • 1 haiku, to appear in Modern Haiku
  • 2 haiku, plus a rengay with Angela Terry and Julie Warther, to appear in Frogpond
  • 1 haiku, to appear in Acorn
  • 3 haiku, plus 3 rengay with Angela Terry and Julie Warther, to appear in A Hundred Gourds
  • an interview with Ina Roy and Andrea Heiberg, to appear on in our books
  • 2 haiku, to appear in tinywords
  • 1 haiku, to appear in Mariposa

Recent publications include:

October 2010 Recap

I just remembered that I was going to keep myself accountable, by posting my writing accomplishments monthly. Here’s my list for October:

– My Fan of the Week post appeared on the WOW! Women on Writing Facebook page, along with some photos.

– Tied for 2nd place in the 18th  Caribbean Kigo Kukai , with my “kindling the flame” haiku.

– Tied for 3rd place in the Shiki 8th Annual Poets’ Choice Kukai, free format section, with my “night sky” haiku.

– Had three haiku appear in the September/October Sketchbook “fall trees” haiku thread. Made Karina Klesko’s Editor’s Choice List, with “crimson maples”. Made John Daleiden’s Editor’s Choice List, with “first day of autumn” and “crimson maples”.

-Tied for 6th place in the September/October Sketchbook “autumn wind” kukai, with my “my neighbors and I” haiku.

– My “sudden downpour” haiku was published in Riverwind 30, my first haiku print publication!

– My “haunting images” haiku received an Honorable Mention in the World Haiku Festival 2010 in Nagasaki Competition on the theme of the Atomic Bomb. Three other haiku were named Haiku of Merit: “the deadly fallout”, “Nagasaki, Hiroshima” and “cherry blossoms bloom”. My “heron touches down” haiku was named a Haiku of Merit in the General Category.

– Reviewed a pre-release copy of Sage Cohen’s The Productive Writer, on Powell’s Books.

– Wrote  “Keeper of the Relics”, “In the Night”, “An Autumn Renga” (collaborative), “Fall Back” and “Betwixt and Between” (a haibun) to Big Tent Poetry weekly prompts; “Falling Back (Asleep)” and “Human Encounters” to Poetic Asides Wednesday prompts, as well as submitted  to an essay contest, a twitter contest, and a poetry contest.

Another good month for writing!

September Recap

Okay, so the weekly book reviews this summer didn’t quite pan out. The best laid plans always have a way of sounding better on paper than in reality. And having regular days for regular posts didn’t work so great either. I guess I just blog when I have something to say! But my new idea, is once a month to do a regular post of my kukai submissions/results and another of my writing accomplishments for the month. That much I think I can do. Here’s a list of my September writing accomplishments, in a nutshell:

  • Submitted three haiku to the September/October Sketchbook “fall trees” haiku thread.
  • Submitted to the September “leaves falling” Shiki Kukai (still awaiting results).
  • Took 1st place in the 17th Caribbean Kigo Kukai with my “bluebird” haiku.
  • Had a short essay appear the Oregonian special Komen section and on OregonLive, along with a (even briefer) quote on OregonLive.
  • Had a tanka  entitled “love” appear in the Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo anthology.
  • Won 2nd place in the Write On! Online Summer Challenge with my fiction story “Love at 30,000 Feet”.
  • Had a post “Without Pay” appear in the summer 2010 Oregon Humanities magazine.
  • Had a poem “End of Year Blues” be selected for the Top Ten list in the Poetic Asides monotetra challenge.
  • Was selected as WOW! Women on Writing Facebook Fan of the Week. (Bio and accompanying photos to appear this Sunday.)
  • And put plenty more writings into the pipeline, including submitting to a haiku contest, a query contest, a haiku journal, a hint fiction contest and  an essay contest.

All in all, a good month for writing!

The Tao of Laundry

I was delighted to receive my contributor’s copy of A Cup of Comfort for Mothers (http://bit.ly/9HC4nv), containing my story The Tao of Laundry. I’ve wanted to be published in A Cup of Comfort ever since I picked up a copy of A Cup of Comfort for Women a few years back and discovered that they accepted submissions from anyone. I had some stories to tell, and here it seemed was a great outlet. I loved the idea of true stories by a wide cross-section of writers, who weren’t necessarily “professional writers”, but merely people like myself with “a story to tell”.

The story is about life, laundry and my mom. I only wish I would have shared the story with my beloved mother. With the second anniversary of her death  having just passed, Mom has been very much on my mind lately. I think the story would have amused her.

More Four and Twenties

Two of my poems appear today in the October edition of Four and Twenty: A Short Form Poetry Journal. http://bit.ly/4nyAWZ

I discovered Four and Twenty last year, through one of those serendipitous searches, the kind where you follow links from other links. Since then, 9 poems of mine have appeared in this journal. I’ve been consistently delighted with this non-daunting poetry form. It is simply this: four lines (or fewer), twenty words (or fewer), and a short title (or no title at all). Now I’m absolutely hooked on the little things. Haiku are my favorite subset of four and twenties.

My two poems this month were both inspired by real-life events, as is probably everything I write. Five Bats at Twilight came to me at once, as I stood at the bottom of my driveway late one summer evening, after coming home from somewhere, and watched first one, then two, and finally five bats flit crazily around the greenspace near where I live. See, it’s taken me a whole paragraph to describe, but I wrote it in 15 words (with 4 more for the title)!

Stray objects is a tribute to my friend Robin, who succumbed to ovarian cancer almost exactly a year ago. She was days short of her 51st birthday. It was either in a conversation we had, or in one of her many humorous, touching and gutsy writings where she mentioned mismatched objects, and how by the time you had amassed three of anything, you could consider it a collection. I believe she was specifically talking of teacups at the time, but it applies to anything. Again, a long-winded explanation. My poem Stray Objects, one of my shortest, captures it in 7 words (with 2 additional for the title). That’s why I’m hooked on 4 & 20’s. Try writing one yourself. You won’t be sorry!

Another story published in the Oregonian

For a long time now, I’ve been meaning to submit an essay for the My Turn section of the Oregonian. Well, I finally did it it!  “Writing group inspires breast cancer survivor” appears in the Washington County Weekly section of today’s Oregonian.

For you non-Portlanders, the piece also appears online on OregonLive with the somewhat more provocative title “Breast cancer survivor finds healing through reawakened passion”. 🙂 http://bit.ly/XqArM

A Cup of Comfort Acceptance

I was thrilled to learn yesterday that my story, The Tao of Laundry has been selected as one of the stories to appear in A Cup of Comfort for Mothers, scheduled for publication in March 2010: http://bit.ly/X4KnT

I only wish my mother could be here to share in the excitement. It was her enthusiasm, and constant belief in my writing ability that propelled me on to continue writing and submitting, and to consider rejection letters as merely bumps in the road. She was right. But then, Mom was always right. I miss you Mom!