December Haiku Share

Red-tailed hawks are a common sight around these parts, although I actually wrote this haiku when I was visiting Arizona two summers ago. This haiku combines two of my favorite subjects: hawks and clouds. It is also a hay(na)ku– a poetry form having three lines, consisting of one, two, and three words respectively. So share a haiku about hawks, other raptors, air currents, clouds, and/or try your hand at a hay(na)ku.

 catching thermals
slow moving clouds

1st place, WD Poetic Form Challenge: Hay(na)ku, Aug. 2011
Writer’s Digest, January 2012


If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.


lazy afternoon

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13, Week 3, Haiku 3:

lazy afternoon

I wrote this haiku back before the red-tailed hawks in our area started nesting. Yesterday, I was regaled all afternoon by the cries of the hungry fledgling hawks in our neighbor’s tree. I saw an adult hawk take down a robin in our backyard last week, and while I understand that this is part of nature, I keep my toy poodle grandpuppy close by my side when I am out in the yard. I can’t believe the size of the adult hawks, when I see them up close. Haven’t spotted the babies yet, but I sure do hear them.