Over the River

Today’s Poetic Asides prompt was to write a travel poem. With all that’s going on, I felt I needed to try something I could write reasonably quickly, so I went with a sevenling again. I added a bit of rhyme scheme to it, to make it more interesting.


Over the River

They travel here
from far and near
and all points in between

to feast on turkey
and sip some chai
and reminisce over pumpkin pie

and make plans for next year.

Seven Sevenlings (plus or minus two)

…well okay, only five, but somehow seven sounded catchier. The sevenling is another poetry form which combines two of my favorite ingredients: a poetry short form with a list. Make that  two lists, of three items apiece.

Sevenling (A rose is a rose)

A rose is a rose,
not a peony or dahlia.
I repeat: a dahlia is not a rose.

But often when muddling
through a sonnet or triolet,
or even a haiku

a rose is only a rose.


Sevenling (I could wish for)

I could wish for health,
happiness or even the moon
if anyone were to ask me.

A fountain of youth,
joy unbounded,
limitless possibilities, and more…

but alas, no one ever asked me.

Sevenling (Within the matryoshka)

Within the matryoshka,
a smaller one, and within it,
a smaller one still.

Sometimes things fold in on themselves,
like a raindrop in the sun,
or an imploding star, or love

and sometimes there’s only clouds.

Sevenling (Seconds tick)

Seconds tick into minutes
tick into hours
as we wait… and wait…

A watched pot never boils,
no news is good news, it’s always
darkest before the dawn, I think

as the doctor approaches.

Sevenling (If you cross)

If you cross a three
stanza, three item apiece,
seven line poem

with a poem of
seventeen syllables in
5-7-5 lines

would you then call it a sevenku or would it be called a hailing?

Read more sevenlings here.

Winter Hiatus

Life has a way of interfering with even the best of intentions. But although I haven’t been posting here lately, I have been writing and firing off submissions. Another submission to Chicken Soup for the Soul, lots of haiku, and some poems in the new poetic form I recently discovered: the sevenling. You can read some of my sevenlings and those of others at the  Poetic Asides blog, and even enter a few of your own (by 1/15/11), if you feel so moved.