At Peace

For the day 5 prompt of the Poet Asides PAD Chapbook Challenge, I wrote a shadorma, since I was in the mood for counting syllables again. The shadorma is a 6-line poem with syllable counts 3-5-3-3-7-5. The prompt was to write a “broken poem”, and I immediately thought of the pioneer cemetery I visited last month, when I was at Seabeck for a haiku retreat. It took a few tries to make the syllable count come out right, but I finally got it.


At Peace

the last rays
of afternoon sun
fall upon
the broken
pieces of headstone lying
amongst wild salal

More 2010 November PAD- Day 23

What a perfect day to try out new poetry forms. Here is a shadorma, a bell curve Fibonacci, and a hay(na)ku.

When Ice is a Vice

Ice is nice,
except when it’s not.
When cars slide
you’d be well
advised to just stay inside
and look from afar.

A Mid-Winter’s Day Snow

go out
in the snow
dress warm, whether it’s
thirty above, or ten below.
Snow and ice might look mighty nice
but I’ll stay indoors
and keep warm
by the

a haiku
or a sneeze?