May Shiki Kukai

It’s always fun to participate in the Shiki Montly Kukai contests. The May Kukai had some of my favorite topics. The kigo was “roses” and the free format topic was “morning habits”.

cascading moonlight…
remembering how
she loved roses


the moon and I
growing old together…
sleepless at dawn

August Kukai

This was a good month for Kukai contests for me. I’m starting to get the hang of them. The 17-syllable, one long sentence format that I grew up with is now outmoded, and it’s taken reading and writing many haiku before I began to adjust to the new style. The Haiku Handbook was a wonderful place to begin, and a resource I constantly refer back to.

In the Caribbean Kigo Kukai #16, I tied for second place with this haiku:

after the thunder
then birdsong

In the Shiki Monthly Kukai, my kigo haiku came in 7th:

August moon
how silently
the owl flies

And today in the July/August Sketchbook Kukai, one of my haiku took second place:

lingering heat
the dogwood’s leaves
curling inward

On to next month’s Kukai!

Anything Quirky

Now that I’m doing two poetry challenges a week, and participating in two monthly kukai and one bi-monthly kukai, deadlines roll around pretty regularly. So I was actually taken by surprise Sunday, when I checked my BlackBerry and found out my haiku had won the July Shiki Monthly Kukai, in the free format section! The subject was “anything quirky”. I can do “quirky”.

night sky —
my thumb
eclipsing the moon

Read all of the haiku here.