Vegetable Wars

Today’s Poetic Asides prompt was to write a poem, using the name of a fruit or vegetable as the title. I was in the mood for a skeltonic poem, but after I wrote it, I realized I hadn’t followed the rules for the title. Oh well! The rules for skeltonic verse are simple: keep the lines short (3-6 words) and keep rhyming subsequent lines until you run out of rhymes, then switch to another rhyme and do it again.  A rhyming dictionary is essential! This is my favorite rhyming dictionary.

Vegetable Wars

On bended knees
I ask you please
to eat your peas.
I mean jeez
Money doesn’t grow on trees.

No! No! No!
Just make them go!

But don’t you know
you need them to grow,
perhaps you prefer beans
you need some greens
and that means
I’m tired of these scenes.

I don’t like beans at all.
They make my skin crawl!

How about chard?
You make this so hard!
Don’t discard
my advice to eat right.
So don’t fight,
hold on tight
and take a bite.
You just might
like veggies despite
all this ado.
It would be a coup
If only you
would eat a radish or two
so don’t be blue.
Just chew
and if you do,
you’ll soon be through.

In lieu
of a radish, I’ll have a carrot.
At least that has merit!

2010 November PAD- Day 27

Today’s prompt: Write a poem with the  title “Blame the (blank)”. I did another skeltonic verse. I’ve discovered that there are basically two types of people in this world: those who avoid Black Friday at all costs, and those who can’t resist the sales, crowds and inclement weather notwithstanding. Count me in  the latter group.


Blame the Sales

The name
of the game
is to put the blame
elsewhere, like the call
of the mall
and all
the hype, that made me shop
without stop
‘til I wanted to drop,
but I’ll be back again
tomorrow at ten
‘cause I’ve still got the yen!

2010 November PAD- Day 23

Today’s prompt was to write a poem using a poetic form. I’ve already tried my hand at a cascade poem, a triolet, and a rondeau this month. This time, following Robert Lee Brewer’s fun example, I decided to write a skeltonic poem.

Snow Day

They said it might snow
but I didn’t know
what a show
the snow would put on;
starting at dawn
instead of being gone
it got cold and icy
now it seems rather dicey
(and not a bit spicy)
to venture out
and about
a set of chains;
it doesn’t take brains
to be at pains
to take care
if you dare
go out there;
but since there’s no school
why not play it cool
and don’t fool
around with the ice,
just take my advice
and think twice
heading out the door
once more.