December Haiku Share- Day 22

December Haiku Share

garden spider –
weaving the dew
into its web
— Cara Holman

1st place, Shiki Kukai, November 2010

“haiku Wall”  at the Quarterly HSA Meeting
in Bend, Oregon, June 3-5, 2011


Japanese garden
a butterfly folds itself
into a flower
— Seánan Forbes

Frogpond 35.3, Autumn 2012


weaving its way
into daytime…
wisps of clouds
— Gillena Cox


such a good girl
at the garden gate—
the end
of the rainbow
draws higher into the sky
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Ribbons 8:2, Fall 2012


not a single star
out of place
in the Milky Way…
the garden gate
left ajar all night
Pamela A. Babusci

Tanka Splendor Awards
& A Thousand Reasons


white bones
she buries a fish
in the garden
— angie werren

haigaonline — Issue 13.1 (contemporary)


weaving their song
into a privet hedge
— Polona Oblak


threads of silk
by ancient weavers
between the trees
~isabelle loverro


rusty gate –
a spider weaves a web
between the bars
— Juliet Wilson

British Haiku Society Anthology 2009


in a web
in a flower
a sunbeam
— Sandi Pray

see haiga here


from a dewy field
the morning quiet
— S.M. Abeles

Sketchbook, July/Aug 2012


storm clouds . . .
can hope be caught
in a spider’s web?
— Kirsten Cliff

NaHaiWriMo August 2012



spring breeze…
looking at the same garden
with new eyes
— Christine L. Villa

A Hundred Gourds 1:3, June 2012
See haiga here


Christmas Eve
in my favorite nook
a spider spins the silence
— Lech Szeglowski


the winter garden
where false hellebore appears
without fair warning
my sister’s mind a landscape
scored with fault lines . . . and furrows
— Margaret Dornaus

(opening verse from “my sister’s world,”
Atlas Poetica: vol. 8, Spring 2011)


spider’s web
blocking my way
I go under
my home destroyed by fire
when I was a child

time to sleep–
spider in his web
spinning thoughts
— Billy Howell-Sinnard


in the moon’s hidden face
a garden
Alegria Imperial

haiku in ‘the moon’s hidden face’,
a haibun in Multiverses 1:1 June 2012


lighted tree
silver threads sparkle
— Jone MacCulloch


morning chill

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge- Day 14

Today’s  guest prompt by Catherine Lee is to “write a stuck poem”. I have to admit that I was stuck on this one for awhile, and almost wrote about that! I also thought of a record skipping, a bird flapping to stay in place, a postage stamp, and walking on a treadmill, but nothing really grabbed me, until I got the idea to write about a spider’s web:

the garden spider’s
web in tatters
morning chill

“Morning chill” is an autumn kigo.  More poetic responses can be read on the Poetic Asides blog.

sultry afternoon

I’ve been reading Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku ever since I came back from Haiku North America last year. I like to spend a while just enjoying new journals, and trying to get an idea of their “voice” before I submit. This is the first time I submitted to this fine journal, and I’m pleased to have the following haiku included, and to share the pages with so many haiku poets I have come to admire and respect.

sultry afternoon
a spider dangles
by a strand


August 8 NaHaiWriMo- the prompt is “spider”, provided by Sheila Windsor. My haiku:


imagining a spider
in every shadow

VERSION II: (proposed by Susan Murata)

a spider
in every shadow

VERSION III: (proposed by Freddy Ben-Arroyo)

in every shadow
a spider

VERSION IV: (rewrite, by me)
a spider lurks
in every shadow


Very curious which of the four versions works for people.