summer solstice

It must be fall. The latest issues of all the haiku journals are appearing one by one. There is a particular aptness in this. As the mornings grow colder, and the days grow shorter, my inbox and mailbox fill up with journals that I will spend hours perusing. Early fall is my favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the colors are vivid, and as draining as back-to-school can sometimes be, there is also a promise of new beginnings, a blank slate, a fresh start. I wrote the following haiku right at the beginning of summer, the first time in 27 years that I had no kids living at home. I felt tentative, yet curiously free. Now everyone is back again, the autumnal equinox is behind us, and it is full steam ahead to the winter solstice. The circle comes around again.

summer solstice
the fresh scent of hay
and manure

Modern Haiku 43.3, Autumn 2012

Summer Solstice

Just in time for the solstice, Aubrie Cox released a new collection entitled “Winged Moon”, on her Yay Words blog, featuring faeries, trolls, elves, mermaids, and lanterns. I’m pleased to have a rengay included that I wrote with Kirsten Cliff, as well as a haiku.

My haiku:

pixie dust
hovering on the edge
of sleep

And our rengay:

Into the Night

by Cara Holman & Kirsten Cliff

garden party
moths flitter
around the lantern

fairy dust
in her hair

pixie ring
dancing long
into the night

koi pond
the children hunt
for mermaids

tinkling laughter
clusters of coral bells

dark lantern
still the heady scent
of wild jasmine