With Cherries on Top

If it hadn’t been for discovering NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) in February 2011, it’s likely that I’d still be writing haiku on the back of grocery store receipts and index cards. What a wonderful haiku community Michael Dylan Welch has created! I’m pleased to be part of this first showcase of haiku, put together from a selection of the August 2012 NaHaiWriMo prompts and responses. I was the Day 25 prompter (in honor of my father’s birthday), and got to select my favorites from that day for inclusion in the collection. In addition, the following haiku of mine were selected to appear:

leaving home
my first taste
of chili peppers
(Day 15 prompt: “chili pepper”, selected by Paul David Mena)

buying time
we feed the meter
another coin
(Day 26 prompt: “time”, selected by Jessica Tremblay)

blue moon
a half-remembered story
from long ago
(Day 31 prompt: “moonviewing”, selected by Alex Benedict)

The entire collection, With Cherries on Top, can be downloaded (for free!) from here.