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Share a haiku about secrets, silk, vegetables (which was actually the original prompt), or the sense of touch.

the whisper of corn silk
between my fingers

Sketchbook Haiku Thread, May/June 2011

If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

farmer’s market

The Sketchbook thread topic for July/ August 2012 was vegetable(s). I’m thinking that we had the same topic last summer– if so, it should be interesting to go back and look up what I wrote last time. Some prompts are very difficult to respond to, and some are much easier. Perhaps because I enjoy summer so much, and was busy shopping at our local Farmer’s Market when I was writing these haiku, this prompt was easy AND fun to write to.

zucchini the size
of baseball bats
summer’s end

farmer’s market
a ladybug crawls
out of the lettuce
(Editor’s Choice- John Daleiden)

(Guest Editor’s Choice- Bernard Gieske)

the color
of the twilit sky

getting acquainted
the tender heart
of an artichoke

Here’s what Guest Editor Bernard Gieske had to say about my “farmer’s market” haiku:

For me Cara Holman’s haiku evokes the sense of a temporary community of like-minded people who value the same things. This is a friendly gathering of those who cherish the earth and its gifts. The ladybug is no stranger to those who farm organically.  They are the protectors of what the farmer has planted and is growing to sell; consequently, this ladybug is no intruder and should be welcomed, a  sight giving evidence that this lettuce has been grown organically. Ladybugs are also a favorite insect of children. If a child happened to spot this ladybug, I can imagine it crying out with  delight.”