Where in the World

I love the new WordPress feature that gives me, along with my other stats, a view of where visitors to my site hail from. Just this month alone, I’ve had visitors from the U.S., Netherlands, U.K., Canada, India, Germany, Tunisia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Denmark, Israel, Australia, and Argentina. And when I go all the way back to when I started my blog, in April 2009, I see that I have had visitors from 30 distinct countries. I think it’s very cool, that the writing community has become so international, and that I am able to broaden my horizons by simply staying at home, courtesy of my computer and the internet!

January 2011 Recap

– My biggest accomplishment in January was that I took on and completed the daily River of Stones challenge to write a “small stone” a day. In fact, it was so successful, that I decided to combine it with the WordPress postaday challenge, and continue to post a small stone a day for the rest of 2011. 33 down, only 332 to go. 🙂

– Took 2nd place in the January 2011 Shiki Kukai (kigo section) for my “winter dawn…” haiku.

-Took 4th place in the January Caribbean Kigo Kukai #20 for my “setting the date” haiku.

– And I wrote lots more haiku and small stones than I could post!