This I Resolve… II

In the continuing effort to formulate New Year’s Resolutions at a leisurely pace, I began to think about my writing aspirations for next year. One thing that I had particularly wanted to do this year, was to write more Amazon reviews. There are two main reasons for this, the first being that when I want to decide whether a book is worth reading and/or buying, I check out the reviews on Amazon first. So what could be cooler than contributing to the collective body of reviews after I have read a book/ watched a movie/ purchased a product?

In the second place, writing a review shortly after I read a book/ watch a movie is the best way I know of reflecting on it. It provides a neat little wrap-up to the whole book reading/ movie watching experience, kind of like having to produce one of those book reports that were so ubiquitous, especially in my elementary school days.

So the resolution: Write Amazon reviews for as many books/movies/products as possible.

Some of my more recent reviews, with Oregon connections:

something has to happen next, by Andrew Michael Roberts (Oregon Book Awards Finalist-poetry, 2009)

Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art, by Judith Barrington (Non-fiction)

Novel Shortcuts: Ten Techniques that Ensure a Great First Draft, by Laura Whitcomb (Non-fiction)

Mother Knows: 24 Tales of Motherhood, by Susan Burmeister-Brown (Editor of Glimmer Train)

Stubborn Twig: Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family, by Lauren Kessler (an Oregon Reads selection, 2009)

Visibility, by Sarah Neufeld (YA novel)

Bearing the Body: A Novel, by Ehud Havazelet (Oregon Book Awards winner- fiction, 2008)

You can read all my reviews at: Read ’em. Like ’em? Rate ’em! 🙂