sparrow’s song

sparrow’s song
the tree she planted
about to leaf

Mariposa #28, Spring/Summer 2013




“Did you know a plane flies over your house every seven minutes?” Dad asks. I didn’t know that. Dad is checking his watch again. “There goes another one,” he says triumphantly. I check my watch. He’s right. It has been exactly seven minutes. Dad likes to measure things. He was a scientist, before he retired. He taught me how to measure my pulse, how many steps to take before letting the kite string out, and how to count the gap between lightning and thunder. In his world, everything is precise and orderly. The hospice nurse says he has six months or less to live. That’s a lot of airplanes.

deepening twilight…
one by one
stars appear

Contemporary Haibun, Volume 14

Spring Cleaning

After 5 consecutive months of daily online writing challenges, I decided I needed a break! So I’m taking the month of April to catch up on reading the haiku and haibun books and journals that I have backlogged.


It was also time to clean up my publications pages, as they were getting too crowded. Check out my newly update pubs pages: Anthologies, Haiku, Haibun, Tanka, and Rengay. Please let me know if any of the links are not working.


As spring arrives in the Pacific Northwest, I am busy paying attention, and jotting down haiku and haibun starters for future writes. In the meantime, I have haiku that will appear in the next issues of Modern Haiku, A Hundred Gourds, Mariposa, and Acorn.