Writing Reflections- Day 28

Continuing on this blog are re-postings of my last year’s responses to the Writer Mama’s Back-to-School Giveaway prompts. My response for this year can be read on the Writer Mama blog: http://bit.ly/1a59VG

September 28, 2008- When I first started looking for markets for my writings, it was positively overwhelming. It seems there are no shortage of contests, literary magazines, journals, websites, ezines, anthologies and print magazines out there looking for submissions. The trick, I think, is to narrow your focus and concentrate on those that are the best match. This of course takes a fair amount of time, to research possible markets for my submissions, but I find it time well spent. At this point in my career, my ideal markets are websites, ezines and my favorite of all, anthologies.

The beauty of anthologies is there is no strictly set format you must adhere to, besides a general topic and a maximum word count. Of course, each anthology has its own flavor, with “uplifting” seeming to be a common buzzword among them, but as the aim is to gather a variety of writing styles and experiences, I find that this is where I can be the freest in my writing, which for me, after all, is what it’s all about!

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