2012 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway, Day 30:

Today’s question, and my response:

The structure of The Writer’s Workout echoes the seasons: the movement of time over the year, the full cycle of creativity, and/or the seasons of a writer’s career. Come up with a creative structure for a book right now. It could be the movement of a day. The same time every year for many years. It could be anything! Lay it on us. If you don’t have an idea already, come up with one right now.

These days, I write mostly haiku, haibun, rengay and personal essays. I guess for haiku and rengay, I would go with the seasons, because that is a fairly traditional way to structure chapbooks in these gentres. For haibun and rengay, I write on a variety of topics, including parenting, nature, loss, aging, pets, and cancer. I’ve noticed most of my readers tend to focus in on particular topics, so for my longer works, I would tend towards a more topic driven collection, rather than a strictly chronological one.

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