August Kukai

This was a good month for Kukai contests for me. I’m starting to get the hang of them. The 17-syllable, one long sentence format that I grew up with is now outmoded, and it’s taken reading and writing many haiku before I began to adjust to the new style. The Haiku Handbook was a wonderful place to begin, and a resource I constantly refer back to.

In the Caribbean Kigo Kukai #16, I tied for second place with this haiku:

after the thunder
then birdsong

In the Shiki Monthly Kukai, my kigo haiku came in 7th:

August moon
how silently
the owl flies

And today in the July/August Sketchbook Kukai, one of my haiku took second place:

lingering heat
the dogwood’s leaves
curling inward

On to next month’s Kukai!

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