I’m pleased to have a couple of haiku in the June issue of A Hundred Gourds. In keeping with their policy of not reposting our works for a period of 40 days after they are first published in AHG, I will post my haiku from the March issue instead.

winter solitude
the click of my fingers
on the keyboard

to a sudden impulse
butterfly in the wind

end of summer
the dog’s bully stick
chewed down to a nub

leaning in closer

It was almost exactly five years ago that I received the devastating news that my mother was approaching the end of her time. Those last few weeks were very intense, but were also full of love and laughter, right up until the very end. I just learned that the following haiku of mine received an Honorable Mention in the 16th Mainichi Haiku Contest:

leaning in closer
to catch her words
wind in the reeds