I’m pleased to have a couple of haiku in the June issue of A Hundred Gourds. In keeping with their policy of not reposting our works for a period of 40 days after they are first published in AHG, I will post my haiku from the March issue instead.

winter solitude
the click of my fingers
on the keyboard

to a sudden impulse
butterfly in the wind

end of summer
the dog’s bully stick
chewed down to a nub


A new issue of A Hundred Gourds has just been released, containing three of my haiku, as well as two rengay I wrote with Angela Terry and Julie Warther. Since AHG has asked for exclusive online rights for a period of 40 days following publication, I will not be posting my haiku and rengay from March yet, but you can read them on their website.

However, that means I can now post my haiku that appeared in A Hundred Gourds 2:1, December 2012.

on the windowpane…
letting go


Perseids shower
the blurred edges
of last night’s dream


boxes of memories
that aren’t mine


Also in the December issue are three “empty nest” rengay I wrote with Angela Terry and Julie Warther  last summer: “Waning Moon”, “A Different Blue”, and “Grade Five Rapids”.

college brochures

December Haiku Share

This haiku appeared in a rengay I wrote over the summer, with Angela Terry and Julie Warther. It very closely reflects my life right now, as my youngest child puts the finishing touches on his college applications. Share a haiku about college, leaving home, autumn color, autumn in general, color in general, empty nests, or coffee. Or even tables.

college brochures
on the coffee table
autumn color

From “Grade Five Rapids”
A Hundred Gourds 2:1, December 2012

If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

hushed dawn

December Haiku Share

Thanks to Kirsten Cliff for giving me the idea to pull haiku from some of our collaborative rengay. I never thought of them as stand-alone haiku before, until I re-read them all again yesterday and realized that each haiku really did have a life of its own, outside of the rengay. The starter haiku below is from “The Scent of Pine” , the first (of thirteen!) rengay that Kirsten and I wrote together this year:

hushed dawn
bird tracks
in the snow

From “The Scent of Pine” rengay with Kirsten Cliff; A Hundred Gourds 1:3, June 2012


Suggested themes: dawn, birds, snow, winter, or animal tracks. Or pull a haiku from a rengay you have written. If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

Perseid’s shower

December Haiku Share

I decided to veer away from weather today, and wouldn’t you know, I had a hard time finding a haiku that didn’t at least hint at the weather in some way. I guess it’s one of our favorite topics around these parts. So instead, today’s theme is astronomical phenomena, dreams, or nighttime.

Perseid’s shower
the blurred edges
of last night’s dream

A Hundred Gourds 2.1, December 2012

If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

Upcoming Publications

It’s been silent on my blog ever since the 31 prompters, 31 days challenge on NaHaiWriMo ended on August 31. That’s jointly due to the back-to-school busyness, and also to all the journals and contests that have their deadlines between August 15 and September 15. I can’t even think how many haiku, senryu, and rengay I must have submitted. But it all pays off in the end: I have works that will appear in the following publications this fall:

  • 2 haiku, plus a rengay with Kirsten Cliff, to appear in Aubrie Cox’s Every Road Takes Me to the Sea post
  • 1 haiku, to appear in Modern Haiku
  • 2 haiku, plus a rengay with Angela Terry and Julie Warther, to appear in Frogpond
  • 1 haiku, to appear in Acorn
  • 3 haiku, plus 3 rengay with Angela Terry and Julie Warther, to appear in A Hundred Gourds
  • an interview with Ina Roy and Andrea Heiberg, to appear on in our books
  • 2 haiku, to appear in tinywords
  • 1 haiku, to appear in Mariposa

Recent publications include:

A Hundred Gourds 1:4

A new issue of A Hundred Gourds has been released. A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 can be read in its entirety online. I’m pleased to share the pages with so many haiku poet friends. We have been asked not to post the actual haiku to our blogs for 40 days, so I will instead post the link to the index of haiku poets, and a link to each page that my haiku are featured on. I would recommend reading at your leisure from cover to cover though. I am already all the way through my first pass of the haiku section, and halfway through the renku section.

streaming sunlight

dust devil


Summer Publications

Ah, summertime. I’m busy writing rengays, haiku, a few haibun, and keeping submissions in the pipeline. I’m pleased to have work appearing in upcoming issues of the following:


  • Frogpond  35:2, Spring/Summer 2012 (1 haiku, 1 rengay, and 1 renray),
  • contemporary haibun online, July 2012 (3 haibun)
  • Prune Juice #9 , July 2012 (3 senryu)
  • Daily Haiku (my third batch of haiku for Cycle 13), beginning on July 15
  • A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 (3 haiku)
  • The Heron’s Nest, Volume XIV, Number 3, September 2012 (1 haiku)
  • LYNX, October 2012 (a rengay sequence, with Kirsten Cliff)

Fresh Puddles

In honor of summer, I’ve decided to organize my blog, my writings, and my life  in general, in that order. I started with the publications pages of my blog. If someone had asked me how many rengay I’ve written, I probably would have guessed 8-10. On listing them, I discovered that I have written an astounding 20 rengay, all since last August, and of these, 13 are published, and another 4 are in the queue to be published. Writing rengay with others often nudges my haiku and couplets in different directions than if I had just set out to write solo. I love that aspect of it! And it’s fun to get to know other haiku poets better, as we collaborate.

I have been writing with Angela Terry and Julie Warther since the three of us met last fall at Haiku North America.We’ve just had our first set of (seven!) rengay published in Notes from the Gean 4:1, June 2012 (pp 119-123): “Fresh Puddles”, “Opening the Locks”, “The Chrome Lure”, “Pink Punch”, “The Steady Drip”, “Sudden Silence”, and “Rolled Up Pants”. The most fun part of writing these rengay, was that they were all written simultaneously, and a report about how that came to be is included as well in the current issue of NFTG. We also have a rengay scheduled to appear in the summer issue of Frogpond.

Kirsten Cliff and I began writing rengay together in February of this year, and have since gone on to publish “The Scent of Pine” and “Turning a Corner” in A Hundred Gourds 1:3, June 2012; “Dream Catcher” in fox dreams, April, 2012; and “Into the Night” in Winged Moon, June 2012. Additionally, our most ambitious project to date, “All the Words that Mean Cancer”, a sequence of four rengay, will be published this October in LYNX. It was the toughest rengay to write, dealing with our experiences with leukemia (Kirsten) and breast cancer (me), but also definitely the most heartfelt, and hopefully inspirational to others as well.